The Show wall light offers a multitude of possibilities: the position of the opal white flexible shade can be adjusted relative to the wall bracket: the quality of the light can be altered with additional shades in white, aquamarine, cream or stainless steel (which, depending on the type, are included with the luminaire): choose additional shades from our range or simply create your own on an A4 sheet of paper for totally unique effects. Just try out the many variations that Show offers. Show is available in either A4 portrait or landscape – Show A4 – or A3 portrait or landscape – Show A3.

Lamp type:TCS/TCSE 5W - 11W, TCD/TCDE  18W - 26W
Material:brushed stainless steel, polycarbonate, washable coated fabric
Dimensions:vertikal   L 185   B 80   H 297 
horizontal   L 240   B 105   H 210

LED version on request.